🟦 Renesas’ Kofu Plant reopened for the first time in eight years

In anticipation of growing demand for EVs, increasing production capacity of power semiconductors

🟦 Renesas reopens closed Kofu plant for the first time in eight years

Renesas Electronics Corporation announced that it will invest 900 billion yen in equipment at its Kofu Plant in Kai City, Yamanashi Prefecture, to strengthen production of power semiconductors. The Kofu Plant was closed in October 2014, but will reopen for the first time in eight years.
Demand for power semiconductors, which control electric power, is rapidly expanding ahead of the full-scale spread of EVs. Renesas has adopted a “fablight” strategy to curb investment in its own factories, but will invest in manufacturing in Japan.

🟦 Power semiconductor 300mm wafer conversion

We will introduce new manufacturing equipment at the closed Kofu Plant to handle mass production on 300mm wafers. Renesas mass-produces power semiconductors using 150~200mm wafers, and will increase production capacity by increasing wafer diameters. Trial operations will begin in the first half of 2024, and full-scale mass production will begin in 2025, mainly for automobiles. With the operation of the Kofu Plant, we will double the current production capacity of power semiconductors.


In order to increase production capacity of power semiconductors by converting to 300mm wafers, the Kofu Plant was closed.

It seems that Renesas decided to reopen the Kofu plant instead of investing in the Saijo plant in Ehime. I guess that’s easier to set up a line of 300mm wafers.

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