🟦 Fujitsu 2nm Process CPU Development

Fujitsu Announces Policy to Design 2nm Process Advanced Semiconductors In-House

🟦 Fujitsu 2nm Process CPU Development

Fujitsu has announced its policy of designing advanced semiconductors with 2nm processes in-house. We will adopt 2nm process technology to challenge the world’s most advanced technology with the power-saving CPUs we are working on.

🟦 Production will be outsourced to TSMC

Fujitsu hopes to commercialize power-saving CPUs with advanced processes by 2026. It will be developed and designed by Fujitsu, and manufacturing will be outsourced to TSMC. TSMC plans to start mass production of 2nm products from 2025.


Fujitsu will design advanced semiconductors with 2nm process in-house to develop power-saving CPUs that aim for practical use in 2026.

It is good that there is a technology in Japan that can be designed with cutting-edge semiconductor processes.

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