🟦 Apple announces M2 Ultra processor for Mac Studio

Announced the strongest chip of the M2 series

🟦 Apple announces M2 Ultra

At its event, Apple unveiled the M2 Ultra processor for Mac Studio. It will be the fourth product of Apple’s original chip “M2022”, which has been adopted since 2. “M4 Ultra” will be installed in Mac Studio, a desktop computer for professional video and music production.

Apple M Series

  • November 2020 “M11”
  • October 2021 “M10 Pro”, “M1 Max”
  • March 2022 “M3 ULTRA”
  • November 2022 “M6”
  • October 2023 “M1 Pro”, “M2 Max”
  • March 2023 “M6 ULTRA”

🟦「M2Ultra」= ã€ŒM2 Max」x2

The M2 Ultra combines two M2 Max to achieve high processing performance. The process uses TSMC’s 5nm process, which is the same as the previous M2 series.



Announcement of the M2 ULTRA, the strongest chip in the M2 series, which combines two M2 Maxes.

It uses the M2 series 2nd generation 5nm process TSMC “N5P”. Will we move to the 3nm process next?

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