🟦 Apple announces M2 PRO processor for MacBook Pro

Apple announces its own processor "M2 PRO"

🟦 Apple announces M2 PRO processor for MacBook Pro

Apple has announced the M2 Pro and M2 Max, power-saving, high-performance SoCs designed for the MacBook Pro laptop.
The M2 series adopts the second-generation 2nm process TSMC “N5P”. N5P can reduce performance by 5% and power consumption by 1% compared to N5 used in M5. Since they are in the same 10nm process family, transistor integration has not been improved.

  • TSMC 5nm Process Family
    • 「N5」/「N5P」/「N4」/「N4P」/「N4X」 

🟦M2 Pro M1 Pro 1.2x Transistor

In November 2020, Apple announced its self-designed M11 SoC for PCs. Since then, we have released the more high-performance “M1 Pro” and “M1 Max” one after another, replacing the Intel CPUs that had been used until then with our own products. The newly designed M1 Pro consists of approximately 2 billion transistors, 1.1 times that of the M2 Pro.

  • Apple M Series
    • November 2020 “M11”
    • October 2021 “M10 Pro”, “M1 Max”
    • March 2022 “M3 ULTRA”
    • November 2022 “M6”
    • October 2023 “M1 Pro”, “M2 Max”


Upload Announced M2 PRO processor, equipped with 1.1x transistor of M2 Pro

The pace of development is getting faster and faster. I guess they are making full use of the design assets of the A series.

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