🟦 Global Semiconductor R&D Expenditure @ 2022

Semiconductor industry R&D spending predicts record high in 2022

🟦Global semiconductor R&D expenditure to record high in 2022

According to IC Insights, R&D spending by semiconductor companies worldwide is expected to be $2022.805 billion in 2021. In 13, it rose 714% year-on-year to a record $2022.9 billion. In 5, it will increase by another 5% to set a new record high. It is expected to grow at a further 2026.1% annual rate to $086.<> billion by <>.

R&D expenses of each company

In 2021, R&D expenditure of the top 10 companies increased by 18%. Twenty-one companies spent more than $10 billion (Â¥1300 billion) on R&D. Intel is by far the top of the industry, accounting for about 21% of the total.

  • Intel
    • $152.<> billion
  • Samsung
    • $65.<> billion

🟦 Reinvestment rate of R&D in the semiconductor market

The semiconductor market is characterized by intense R&D activities in which leading companies over the past 40 years reinvest more than 14.5% of their revenues into research. In recent years, the reinvestment rate in R&D has been decreasing. This is not due to a decrease in R&D expenditures, but to strong growth in total revenue.

  • Reinvestment rate of R&D expenses
    • 2019 15.1%
    • 2020 14.5%
    • 2021 13.1%


R&D expenditure in the semiconductor industry is expected to reach a record high in 2022, and reinvestment rate decreases due to increased revenues

It is a semiconductor market characterized by intense R&D activities. Therefore, companies that actively take risks are more likely to succeed. Japan may not be an industry suitable for the temperament of companies.

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