🟦 Acquisition of semiconductor materials company JSR

Innovation Investment Corporation (JIC) plans to acquire JSR for about 1 trillion yen

🟦 Innovation Investment Corporation acquires semiconductor materials company JSR

The Investment Corporation for Japan (JIC) will acquire JSR, a major semiconductor materials company, for approximately 1 trillion yen. JSR holds 3% of the global market share for photoresists (photosensitive materials) for semiconductor materials. Photoresist is an indispensable material for the formation of semiconductor circuits.

JSR was established in 1957 as a national policy company as Japan synthetic rubber. In the 1970s, when it became a private company, we succeeded in commercializing semiconductor photoresists. In 2021, we acquired Implia, a U.S. company that develops and manufactures EUV photoresists, for approximately 450 billion yen. On the other hand, we have sold our synthetic rubber business to ENEOS and are promoting reforms to redirect management resources to the semiconductor and medical fields.

🟦 For Japan, semiconductors are strategic commodities

Semiconductors are indispensable to people’s lives today, and there is a need to improve production capacity and competitiveness in Japan. The Japan government positions semiconductors as strategic commodities and will provide enormous support for the mass production of advanced products in Japan through JIC. JSR will increase its competitiveness by concentrating management resources on the photoresist business, which is an important material for semiconductors.


Since the Japan government has positioned semiconductors as strategic materials, the Industrial Innovation Investment Corporation (JIC) plans to acquire JSR for about 1 trillion yen.

JIC’s acquisition of JSR is intended to grow the semiconductor industry and strengthen its domestic competitiveness. Originally, I think we should aim for growth through fair competition in the market. I guess the competitive environment in the world is twisted.

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