Candidate for Intel’s new plant in Europe

Intel CEO gave an interview to the BBC in the UK

Intel not considering UK chip factory after Brexit – BBC News

🟩 UK is not a candidate for Intel new plant in Europe

Due to European semiconductor policy, Intel is considering building a new chip plant in Europe. Europe has set a goal of doubling its share of global semiconductor production to 20% by 2030. Currently, the world’s semiconductor manufacturing is concentrated in East Asia, such as Samsung in Korea and TSMC in Taiwan. The market share of East Asia is about 80% Japan and China.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger replied that the UK was not a candidate.

🟩 Impact of Brexit

Intel is currently receiving proposals for around 70 potential sites for its plants from 10 European countries. Without Brexit, Intel says they would have been looking for a candidate site in the UK. Intel plans to invest 20 billion dollars (about 2.2 trillion yen) to build a new chip plant in Europe. Including the operation of the plant, the total investment is expected to be 100 billion dollars (about 11 trillion yen). To that end, we are asking the European government for subsidies of 8 billion euros (about 1 trillion yen), including tax incentives and direct investment.


Intel asks the EU to subsidize the construction of semiconductor factories, so the UK, which left the EU, is not a candidate site for a new plant.

The semiconductor industry is an industry that affects geopolitics and security, and we cannot compete with the world with technological capabilities alone. “Semiconductors are an industry that Intel created in the United States,” and we are strongly aware that it is a national industry.

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