Analyzed the SOX index

SOX Index : PHLX Semiconductor Sector Index  

The SOX Index is a stock price index calculated and published by the Philadelphia Stock Exchange in the United States, also known as the Philadelphia Semiconductor Index. It consists of 30 brands engaged in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of semiconductors. When the stock price of semiconductor companies rises, the SOX index also rises, and it is generally judged that the economy of the world is good.

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  1. 🟩SOX Top 15 Stocks
  2. 🟩 Comparison with Semiconductor Ranking
  3. 🟩 Ranking of equipment manufacturers
  4. 🟩Summary

🟩SOX Top 15 Stocks

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Not only chip manufacturers but also manufacturing equipment manufacturers are included in the constituent stocks

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Samsung, SK Hynixの韓国勢、Infineon, ST の欧州勢 が入っていない


ちなみに 13位のAppleも構成銘柄に入っていない(半導体メーカーに分類されてない)


🟩 Ranking of equipment manufacturers

Top ranking of equipment manufacturers

Tokyo Electron Advantest SCREEN and other Japan companies are not included in the constituent stocks


The SOX index does not reflect the semiconductor industry as a whole, but it is attracting attention because it is a semiconductor-related stock.

Semiconductor stocks are the focus of attention because it’s good for each manufacturer’s fundraising.

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