🟩 Intel New Plant in USA?

Intel plans to invest in a $20 billion new chip plant in Columbus, Ohio

🟩 Intel New Plant in Ohio, USA?

Intel plans to invest $20 billion in a new chip plant in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is the capital of Ohio, and the planned site is 3,100 acres (250 times the size of Tokyo Dome) in New Albany, a suburb of Columbus. The factory is expected to employ 3,000 workers, and a large purchase of land has already begun, although official details are unknown.

Intel’s Recent Investments

Intel announced the operation of two plants in Arizona last year. In addition, the company has announced a $100 billion investment in a new fab to enter the foundry under its IDM 2.0 strategy. Intel is actively expanding outside the U.S. to plan a worldwide network of factories. But the U.S. is the preferred place for Intel.

🟩 Advancing semiconductor investment in the U.S.

The timing of the construction of the new plant depends on whether the U.S. House of Representatives will eventually pass the U.S. Innovation Race Act, providing $52 billion for semiconductor research and production.

GAFA Data Center

The suburbs of Columbus are also areas where Google, Amazon, and Facebook have data centers nearby. Like data centers, semiconductor factories also require large amounts of power. Areas with the capacity to supply electricity are also advantageous for semiconductor factories.


Intel plans to build a new semiconductor plant in the U.S. using subsidies from the U.S. government

Intel has semiconductor front-end factories in the United States, Ireland and Israel. There are plans to build a new plant in Europe, but we plan to prioritize building a plant in the United States.

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