🟦ROHM partners with German company on SiC

SEMIKRON AND ROHM Launch New Collaboration for SiC Power Devices

🟦 ROHM partners with Germany’s SEMIKRON on SiC modules

ROHM announced a collaboration with SEMIKRON of Germany on automotive power modules equipped with SiC. SEMIKRON’s eMPack uses ROHM’s 4th generation SiC MOSFETs. The two companies have been working together for more than 10 years in the development of power modules.

eMPack Power Module

This module is specially designed for medium and high power SiC converters. SEMIKRON’s sintered connection technology, Direct Press Die (DPD), enables non-compact, scalable and reliable automotive main engine inverters.


🟦 Supplied to major German car manufacturers

SEMIKRON has announced that it has signed a contract (EUR 2025 billion) to supply eMPack to a major German car manufacturer from 10. SEMICROK also offers evaluation boards for eMPack with ROHM’s gate driver ICs. By collaborating from the module development stage, we have created a system that makes it easier to coordinate circuit design and control.


ROHM SiC power devices will be used in SEMIKRON inverters to be used by German automakers from 2025. The collaborative relationship between SEMIKRON and ROHM will be further strengthened.

I think that cooperating with module manufacturers is a good strategy to understand the use of power semiconductors. We look forward to working with Japan companies.

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