🟦Renault’s new EV company “Ampere” IPO decided to be postponed

Renault announces decision to cancel listing of new EV company Ampere

Renault Group decides to cancel Ampere’s IPO and confirms its EV and software strategy – Renault Group global media website

🟦 Renault’s new EV company Ampere decides to postpone IPO due to non-compliance with market conditions

 Renault’s new EV company “Ampere” has decided not to go public. Renault stressed that it will be able to finance its own ampere restructuring programme and will continue to hold discussions with Nissan and Mitsubishi. U.S. semiconductor giant Qualcomm also had a policy of taking a stake in Ampere, but since it was conditional on an IPO, it will postpone the investment due to the cancellation of the listing.

🟦 Market capitalization is expected to be up to 10 billion euros

 Renault had set a goal of 100% of its new car sales in Europe by 2030 to be EVs through Ampere. The market capitalization of amperes was estimated to be up to 10 billion euros (about 1.6 trillion yen), but funding was in danger due to the cooling of the IPO market. Nissan has decided to invest up to 600 million euros (about 96 billion yen) in Ampere, and the joint project is said to be progressing as planned.


Renault announced its decision to suspend the listing of its new EV company, Ampere. Renault chooses to use its own funds in its ampere restructuring plan

The boom in the rapid expansion of EVs seems to have temporarily subsided. As for the expansion of the semiconductor industry, it is desirable that it is not a temporary boom, but a steady growth rather than a rapid expansion.

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