🟦OPPO’s own mobile SoC development?

OPPO's own mobile SoC to be launched in 2024?

🟦Will OPPO develop its own mobile SoC with TSMC 4nm?

Chinese smartphone giant OPPO seems to be developing its own mobile SoC. ZEKU, an IC design subsidiary that developed the image processing AI chip (NPU) “MariSiliconX” developed in 2021, will be in charge of development.

OPPO, along with Xiaomi and Vivo, is a Chinese smartphone company that ranks in the top 5 market share in the world. Together with Vivo, it is a subsidiary of BBK (Walking High) of the AV equipment group.

  • Global Share of Smartphones @ 2020
    1.  Samsung Electronics (Korea)
    2.  Apple: Apple (US)
    3.  Xiaomi: Xiaomi (China)
    4. OPPO: Oppo (China)
    5.  Vivo: Vivo (China)

🟦 Roadmap for your own SoC

For SoC development, the AP (Application Processor) will be released in 2023 using the same TSMC 6nm process as the MariSiliconX, which is the same as the NPU. Mobile SoCs that integrate APs and modems are planned to launch in 2024 and are a roadmap for rapid deployment of proprietary chip technology.

  • OPPO’s proprietary chip
    • 2021 TSMC 6nm
      • NPU (AI Chip)
    • 2023? TSMC 6nm
      • AP (+processor)
    • 2024? TSMC 4nm?
      • SoC (+ modem)


OPPO is considering a rapid development roadmap for the launch of its own mobile SoC

After all, China’s sense of speed is amazing.

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