🟦ONsemi opens lab in Slovakia

U.S. semiconductor manufacturer onsemi opens new research facility in Piestany, Slovakia
onsemi Opens State-of-the-Art Systems Application Lab for Electric Vehicles in Europe
Lab enables in-house testing to develop next-gen innovations for automotive and power conversion systems

🟦ONsemi opens lab in Slovakia for next-generation power conversion systems

 Arizona-based semiconductor company ON Semiconductor has opened a new lab in Piestany, Slovakia. The lab specializes in the development of power conversion systems for batteries, electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) and energy infrastructure. The new facility will house two high-voltage power labs. These labs focus on system and device-level development. We also evaluate SiC/Si traction inverters and ACDC/DCDC power converters.

🟦New lab to develop xEV and renewable energy semiconductors, collaborate with automotive factories

 Modern semiconductor devices are essential for high-efficiency power conversion and charging of xEV powertrains. It is also necessary for renewable energy applications. The new lab will play an important role in the development of future power products. It provides highly differentiated and value-added solutions tailored to the specific requirements of its customers.

 Slovakia is home to automobile production plants such as VW, PSA Peugeot Citroën, and Jaguar Land Rover. These automotive OEM factories work with many Tier 1 suppliers. By combining the expertise and resources that each company has, it is possible to develop more efficient and sustainable solutions.


 US semiconductor manufacturer ONsemi has opened a new research facility in Piestany, Slovakia. The facility specializes in the development of system solutions for battery, electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and power conversion systems in energy infrastructure.

 EV production is likely to be in full swing in Eastern Europe as well.

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