🟦NOR Flash Market Size @ 2021

NOR Flash Memory Market Rapidly Expands by 63% YoY in 2021

🟦NOR Flash Ranking @ 2021

According to IC Insights, the NOR flash memory market in 2021 increased by 63% year-on-year to $2.9 billion (about Â¥400 billion). This is due to a 23% year-on-year increase in prices and a 33% increase in shipment volumes. In 2022, it will grow another 21% to $3.5 billion.

  • NOR Flash Top 3
    1. Taiwan Winbond
    2. Taiwan Macronics
    3. Giga Devices(Beijing Zhaoyi Innovation Technology)

NOR Flash top3 companies account for 91% of the total market.

NOR Flash Memory

NOR is the same “non-volatile” memory as NAND. NOR is characterized by fast readout speed and high reliability. Therefore, it is mounted directly on the board and used as a memory to store firmware. However, it is not suitable for high integration, has a small capacity, and has a higher cost per capacity than NAND. With the spread of NAND memory, which has an order of magnitude larger capacity than NOR, major manufacturers have withdrawn from NOR memory one after another. Currently, NOR’s share in the flash memory market is about 3~4%.

In terms of manufacturing technology, the mainstream process of NOR memory products is 65nm~50nm process. In other words, in logic, we are using a process that is several generations old.

  • NOR Representative Process
    • Winbond : 90nm / 58nm / 45nm
    • Macronics: 75nm /55nm
    • Giga device: 65nm / 55nm

🟦Applications of NOR Flash

Although NOR Flash has a small capacity, the demand for control devices with fast data readout speed is strong. It is adopted in IoT devices such as Bluetooth wireless earphones, automobiles, and healthcare products. Recently, NOR type memory is used to control the OLED display of smartphones.

As the number of software that controls IoT devices increases, large-capacity memory is required. It is difficult to make more than 1Gb of memory with NOR. In the future, it is predicted that IoT devices will gradually shift from NOR Flash to high-density memory such as SLC NAND and MRAM.


NOR flash memory market will grow rapidly in 2021 due to growing demand for IoT devices

Due to the increasing functionality of IoT devices such as automobiles, the replacement of NOR Flash with other non-volatile memories will progress. However, since the trend of various things evolving into IoT devices does not change, the demand for NOR will be secured to a certain extent because it is an IoT device that will not be sophisticated.

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