🟦NAND memory prices expected to rise in Q4

Price of NAND memory expected to increase by 0-5% in 2023Q4
Press Center - NAND Flash Prices Expected to Stabilize and Rebound in Q4, Projected to Remain Steady or Increase 0-5%, Says TrendForce | TrendForce - Market research, price trend of DRAM, NAND Flash, LEDs, TFT-LCD and green energy, PV
According to TrendForce's research, other suppliers are also expected to follow suit and increase their production cutba...

🟦NAND memory prices expected to rise in Q4 2023

 According to TrendForce, the average NAND memory selling price in Q4 2023 is expected to increase by 0-5% QoQ. Until the third quarter, NAND companies continued to suffer from continued declines in average selling prices and widening losses. Therefore, NAND memory companies are expected to expand production cutbacks in Q3 2023 to reduce inventory. NAND pricing is flexible because it is more flexible compared to DRAM, and NAND prices are trending upward ahead of DRAM.

🟦 Samsung reduces production by 50%

 NAND memory companies are reducing production in response to lower demand and preventing price falls. In particular, Samsung is planning to reduce production of NAND below 128 layers by 50%, and other suppliers will also increase production cuts. These production cuts are expected to drive higher prices in the fourth quarter.



 Price of NAND memory is expected to increase by 0-5% in the fourth quarter. NAND memory companies, including Samsung, are responding to declining demand and expanding production cuts.

 While AI-related demand for DRAM is increasing, NAND does not seem to be affected.

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