🟦Extension of long-term supply agreement between ONsemi and Li Auto

ONsemi and China's Li Auto and Long-Term Supply Contract Extension
理想汽車はオンセミのEliteSiCベアダイとイメージセンサを採用し、800V BEVとより高いレベルの自動運転を実現

🟦 Extending the long-term supply contract between ONsemi and Li Auto to make a leap forward in EV technology

 ONsemi announced that it has extended its long-term supply agreement with China’s Li Auto. The next generation of 800V electric vehicles will use onsemi’s SiC 1200V bare die. Compared to the current 400V EV battery, the use of 800V EV batteries is spreading mainly in luxury cars.

 In 2023, Lil Auto announced that it had signed a long-term supply agreement with STMicroelectronics for silicon carbide (SiC) devices.

🟦Improved EV performance by adopting an 800V system

 Li Auto will use ONsemi’s technology to EV. The use of the 800V system is expected to improve energy efficiency, shorten charging time, and extend the cruising range. Li Auto’s multi-purpose vehicle “Ideal MEGA” is equipped with an 800V system and uses SiC power semiconductors.


The extension of the long-term supply agreement with ONsemi and China’s Li Auto, and the adoption of SiC in 800V electric vehicles, are expected to make a technological leap in the next-generation EV market

The use of SiC power semiconductors is likely to continue to increase in luxury cars.

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