🟦 Sony signs long-term deal with Qualcomm

Qualcomm and Sony announce multi-year partnership on smartphone technology

🟦 Sony signs long-term Qualcomm contract

Qualcomm announced that it has expanded its partnership to adopt Snapdragon in Sony smartphones. Snapdragon processors can leverage Qualcomm’s latest mobile technology to deliver high-performance performance and support for 5G communications.

🟦Xperia performance, 5G and UX improvements

By integrating Qualcomm’s advanced Snapdragon platform into Sony smartphones, the goal is to improve performance, 5G enablement, and improve the user experience. The mid-range Xperia 10 V uses the Snapdragon 695 5G Mobile Platform, while the high-end Xperia 1 V uses the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform.

  • Performance improvements:
    • Snapdragon is high-performance, delivering smooth operation and fast data processing. It can provide users with a more comfortable and powerful smartphone experience.
  • 5G communication support:
    • Snapdragon supports 5G, the latest mobile communication standard. Users will be able to take advantage of high-speed data and low-latency communication networks.
  • Improved user experience:
    • Snapdragon has great capabilities in terms of image processing, graphics, artificial intelligence, etc. Users can have an immersive and engaging experience with improved camera performance and AR functions.


To improve Xperia’s performance, 5G and UX, Qualcomm and Soni announce multi-year partnership on smartphone technology

Sony, whose strategy is to utilize Qualcomm, may be a little while before it makes its own chips.

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