🟩Chinese EV Geely adopts 7nm chip

Geely holds "Smart Geely 2025"

🟩 Uses Geely 7nm chip for cockpit

Chinese automaker Geely announced that it will adopt the SE1000 smart cockpit SoC manufactured in a 7nm process. It will be installed in an EV vehicle to be produced from 2022 and will be the first in China to be equipped with a 7nm process SoC.

GEEA 2.0 Electronic/Electrical Architecture

The SE1000 SoC is being developed by Siengine, a joint venture between ECARX and ARMChina, in which Geely has a stake. The chip is optimized for Geely’s GEEA 2.0 electronic and electrical architecture.

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🟩2025nm Process SoC in 5

In addition, Geely plans to adopt integrated in-vehicle supercomputer chips and autonomous driving chips with “5nm” processes in 2025. It realizes high computing power and realizes a higher level of autonomous driving calculations.


Geely announced that it has developed a 7nm chip and will adopt it from 2022. Furthermore, the company plans to adopt a 5nm process chip in 2025.

The HW4.0, which Tesla will adopt from Cybertruck from 2022, will also use a 7nm process SoC. In terms of process generations alone, Geely caught up with Tesla. The automobile industry is evolving rapidly these days, and I hope that the existing manufacturers in Japan will do their best not to fall behind.

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