🟦 ROHM develops Mazda e-axle

Signed a joint development agreement for e-Axle utilizing SiC power modules

🟦 ROHM develops Mazda’s e-axle using SiC

ROHM and Mazda signed a joint development agreement. The development targets are inverters and SiC power modules mounted on electric drive units of electric vehicles including e-axles. An e-axle is an EV unit that integrates a motor, reduction gear, and inverter. SiC power semiconductors, the next-generation power semiconductors, are attracting attention for the high efficiency and miniaturization of inverters, which play a central role in drives.

ROHM has been preparing to increase SiC production by constructing a dedicated factory building at ROHM Apollo Chikugo Plant with an investment of 2200 billion yen. We have set a target of increasing SiC-related sales to 2026 billion yen by 2022, a sevenfold increase from FY7.

🟦Joint development of inverters instead of e-axles

Mazda announced collaboration with seven partner companies, including ROHM, on the development and production of e-axles. ROHM and ROHM will jointly develop inverters that focus on the entire e-axle. Looking at the structure of development partners for e-axles, it seems that they are divided into inverters, motors, and manufacturing.

  • Mazda e-Axle Development Partner
    • Inverter
      • Imasen Electric Works, ROHM
    • motor
      • Tomita Electric in Taiwan, Chuo Kasei
    • Manufacturing technology
      • Ondo, Hiroshima Aluminum Industry, HIROTEC


ROHM Jointly Develops Inverter for e-Axle Mazda Inverter

It seems that there is no system to order representative suppliers as e-axles. I hope ROHM will accumulate knowledge of system requirements as an e-axle.

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