Why Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is strong

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen gave a rare interview to 文藝春秋digital

🟩 For good and close relations with the government

Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is a world leader, accounting for 70% of the global market share. It will continue to play an essential role in global supply chains. Taiwan’s semiconductor industry has long had a good and close relationship with the government, and this relationship has not changed. In fact, the Taiwanese government is still a significant shareholder of TSMC.

🟩 Taiwan’s Semiconductor Strategy

It can be said that the relationship of mutual respect and cooperation between the government and the people has led to the great development of the semiconductor industry.

R&D, production and manufacturing support

Because a highly mature industrial cluster has been formed, it has a highly efficient support system for R&D, production and manufacturing.

Focused on foundries and mutual cooperation

Taiwan’s semiconductor manufacturing is concentrated in foundries, which avoids competition from other companies. Semiconductor manufacturing around foundries is not vertically integrated and does not face excessive competition, so it is necessary to build mutual cooperation with other companies.

High-tech talent development

The Taiwanese government is actively cultivating talents to enhance digital ability, language proficiency and strengthen the international vision. It is very difficult to rely only on Taiwan for excellent human resources. Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is heading to the world to develop and cooperate with these countries. Together with local talent, a common “talent pool” should be set up.


Taiwan’s government and companies are working together to strengthen the semiconductor industry

Taiwan’s top management has a good understanding of the semiconductor industry, so the government and companies are working together to make good use of their growth strategy.

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