🟦 Mitsubishi Electric Renesas shares sale completed

Mitsubishi Electric sells all of its shares in Renesas Electronics

🟦 Mitsubishi Electric Renesas shares sale completed! Gain on sale of 109.3 billion yen to strengthen investment in the digital field

 Mitsubishi Electric divested its entire holding in Renesas Electronics, citing capital efficiency enhancement and securing funds for strategic investments as its motivations.

 Renesas Electronics was established in 2010 through the merger of NEC Electronics, Hitachi’s semiconductor business, and Mitsubishi Electric’s semiconductor business.

Improved capital efficiency

In recent years, Mitsubishi Electric has been restructuring its business portfolio, and as part of this restructuring, it is reducing its cross-shareholdings. The sale of Renesas shares is also part of this policy.

Securing Funds for Strategic Investments

Mitsubishi Electric is actively investing in growth areas, such as the digital and environmental fields. The proceeds from the sale of Renesas shares will be used to invest in these areas.

🟦 Specific details of Mitsubishi Electric’s strategic investments

Mitsubishi Electric is actively investing in digital fields such as AI and IoT. Specifically, we are establishing AI development bases and acquiring IoT-related companies. In the environmental field, we are investing in renewable energy businesses and developing technologies to reduce our environmental impact.


Mitsubishi Electric sold all of its shares in Renesas Electronics. With this sale, Mitsubishi Electric aims to improve capital efficiency and accelerate strategic investments in growth areas such as AI and IoT.

The former parent company that last withdrew from Renesas was Mitsubishi Electric.

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