🟦 Fabless Semiconductor Ranking@2023Q1

The world's top 10 fabless semi-conductor market is recovering

🟦Global fabless semiconductor ranking for Q2023 1

According to Trendforce, the world’s top 10 fabless companies seem to have broken even in the first quarter. The fabless semiconductor market posted a slight increase of 1.0% quarter-on-quarter. In the second quarter, we expect a recovery due to increased demand for AI.

🟦AI applications are growing rapidly

In Q2023 1, inventory declines were lower than expected. In addition, overall demand was sluggish in the first quarter due to the long holidays in China. However, due to new product releases and increased special orders, earnings for some companies remained at the same level as the prior-year quarter. On the other hand, AI applications are growing rapidly, especially Nvidia, which is experiencing significant growth on the back of increasing demand for AI and cloud computing. In the second quarter, the market is expected to recover due to increased demand for AI.


Surge in AI Demand Drives Market Recovery for the World’s Top 10 IC Design Companies

In the long term, increased demand for new technologies such as AI is expected to grow not only fabless but also the semiconductor industry as a whole.

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