🟦 Enterprise SSD Market @ Q1 2024

Demand for High-Capacity SSDs and QLC SSDs Drives the Market

🟦 Enterprise SSD Market @ Q1 2024

The enterprise SSD market in the first quarter of 2024 grew significantly to $3.758 billion (about 590 billion yen), an increase of 62.9% from the previous quarter.

  • This growth is mainly due to the following factors:
    • Increasing Demand for High-Capacity SSDs
    • Increasing Adoption of QLC SSDs by AI Servers
    • Supplier production decline

The adoption of QLC SSDs in AI servers is expected to accelerate further in the future. A QLC SSD (Quad-Level Cell SSD) is a solid-state storage device that can store 4 bits of data in a single NAND flash memory cell. Compared to conventional TLC SSDs (Triple-Level Cell SSDs), it enables high-density data storage, resulting in higher capacity and lower cost.

🟦 Trends of Major Suppliers

The key suppliers in the enterprise SSD market are Samsung, SK Group (SK hynix and Solidigm), Micron, Kioxia, and Western Digital.

Trends of Major Suppliers

  • Samsung: Delivering
    high-capacity SSDs to North American customers and certifying QLC SSD products has led to the largest shipment volume ever.
  • SK Group: Orders
    have doubled due to increased adoption of QLC SSDs by AI customers.
  • Micron:
    Earnings were high due to higher volumes and prices.
  • Kioxia: Continued
    orders from North American customers impacted the impact.
  • Western Digital:
    Revenue growth was lower than that of competitors due to limited product offerings. We are working towards mass production of 162-layer QLC SSDs and acceleration of production of PCIe 5.0 SSDs.


Due to the growing demand for AI servers and declining production of suppliers, the enterprise SSD market witnessed significant growth in Q1 2024. Samsung and SK Group maintained their competitive advantage in the supply of high-capacity SSDs and QLC SSDs and increased their market share.

In the AI-related memory market, SK Group has a dominant presence in both HBM and QLC SSDs.

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