🟩 Apple announces M1 PRO processor for MacBook Pro

Apple Event announces its own processor "M1 PRO"

🟩 Apple announces M1 PRO

At its event, Apple announced the M1 PRO and M1 MAX processors for the MacBook Pro. It will be an upgrade of Apple’s original chip “M2020” installed in MacBook Air, Mac mini, and iPad Pro from 1. The M1 chip has been used in mid-level products from the entry. However, the high-end MacBook Pro and iMac for developers, programmers, and graphic designers lacked power. Therefore, the new chip has improved a lot of performance from the M1.

🟩 “M1PRO” has improved graphics performance

The M1 PRO and M1 MAX use the same TSMC 1nm process as the M5. To increase performance, the number of transistors in MAX is now 570 billion.

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The M1 PRO and M1 MAX have significantly improved graphics performance. Graphics performance is 7 times that of a regular notebook PC.

Low power consumption performance

Compared to GPU-equipped laptops, the M1 PRO runs on 70% less power. Compared to laptops with high-performance GPUs, the M1 MAX runs on 40% less power. Even compared to the most powerful laptops, it has comparable performance with 100W less power. It emphasizes the low power consumption performance of the original chip.

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Apple developed the M1 Pro and M1MAX to use its own chips in high-end Mac models.

The high-end model used Intel CPUs, but now it has been replaced by Apple’s own chips. PCs have a history of popularization through standardization, so manufacturers like Apple will not continue to make their own chips. The rest are Microsoft’s Surface and Google’s ChromeBook.

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