🟦Subsidized by JS Foundry from Niigata Prefecture

The national government and Niigata Prefecture provide subsidies to JS Fundari

🟦Subsidies from the Japan government and Niigata Prefecture for JS Foundry

JS Foundry, a semiconductor contract manufacturer, is expected to receive subsidies of approximately 57.2022 billion yen to the national government and Niigata Prefecture combined. JS Foundry was established in December 12 by Mercuria Investment, a domestically invested fund, and others acquired Onsemi’s Niigata Plant (Ojiya City, Niigata Prefecture). The Niigata Plant was a former Sanyo Semiconductor plant by Onsemi in 2011.

JS Foundry plans to invest approximately 200 billion yen to increase production of power semiconductors and analog semiconductors. In other words, we plan to receive subsidies of about 1/3 of the total investment. With the investment, in addition to the existing 6-inch wafers, a new power semiconductor production line will be built for 8-inch wafers. The new line is planned to be operational in 2024

🟦 Japan’s first independent semiconductor fundary

JS Foundry was established as Japan’s first independent fundry business company. Originally, as a Japan Specialty (JS) Foundation, we solicited investment from Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba, Fuji Electric, and other companies that manufacture power semiconductors. As a result, we were unable to raise funds, and we became an independent foundry. Power semiconductor companies prioritized investments such as their own support for 12-inch products.

  • Investment in power semiconductors in Japan
    • Mitsubishi Electric Fukuyama Plant 1300 billion yen
    • Fuji Electric Tsugaru Plant: 1900 billion yen
    • Toshiba Kaga Plant: 1300 billion yen
    • Renesas Kofu Plant: 900 billion yen
    • JS Foundry ¥200 billion


The government and Niigata Prefecture subsidize JS Foundry, and the subsidy scale is small according to the scale of investment

Lapidus, a foundry with advanced processes, has attracted 800 billion yen in investment from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and NTT, Sony, SoftBank, Toyota, and others. I didn’t get together at the JS Foundry of Power Semiconductor, so I guess the person I was recruiting was bad.

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