🟦DRAM Memory Market 2023/Q1

Global DRAM Memory Market to Record Third Consecutive Quarter of Decline in Q2023 1

Press Center - DRAM Industry Q1 Revenues Decline 21.2% QoQ, Marking Third Consecutive Quarter of Downturn, Says TrendForce | TrendForce - Market research, price trend of DRAM, NAND Flash, LEDs, TFT-LCD and green energy, PV
TrendForce reports a dramatic 21.2% QoQ decline in Q1 revenues for the DRAM industry, bringing total revenue down to US$...

🟦 Global DRAM Memory Market Q2023 1

According to Trendforce, the DRAM market in Q2022 4 decreased by 21.2% from the previous quarter to $96.6 billion (about Â¥1.4 trillion). The DRAM market has seen three consecutive quarters of revenue decline since the second half of 2022.

DRAM market contraction (q-o-q)

  • Q2022 3 -28.8%
  • Q2022 4 -32.5%
  • Q2023 1 -21.2%

🟦All major DRAM manufacturers are in the red

The three major DRAM makers, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, and Micron Technology, all fell into the red. The main reason is the sluggish prices caused by the long-term oversupply problem. However, the DRAM market continues with planned production cuts and we expect the rate of price decline to slow gradually. Revenue is expected to recover in Q3 2023 and beyond. However, the operating margin is expected to remain in the red.

Q2023 2 Capacity Utilization Forecast

  • Samsung 77%
  • Micron 74%
  • SK Hynix 82%


The global DRAM memory market recorded a decline for the third consecutive quarter in Q2023 1. Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, and Micron Technology, three major DRAM makers, all fell into the red

I hope it will recover in the second half of 2023.

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