🟦ARM’s corporate value up

Arm IPO Aims to Value Over $60 Billion

🟦ARM enterprise value soars to billion

According to Bloomberg, SoftBank is aiming for a valuation of at least $60 billion (about 7.33 trillion yen) in the IPO (initial public offering) of its subsidiary arm. The bankrupt sale to Nvidia was $40 billion. In other words, we aim to increase the planned sale price to Nvidia by 50%. ARM plans to be listed on the Nasdaq market by March 2023.

🟦ARM’s listing potential is high

Soto Bank will raise funds on the scale of 8 billion dollars (about 1 trillion yen) from domestic and foreign banks using ARM shares as collateral. SoftBank seems to be able to choose between cash and arm shares as compensation at the time of repayment. In other words, the banking group seems to have decided that ARM is likely to be listed and that it is easy to estimate the value.


ARM, which aims to be valued at $60 billion or more, has been judged by the banks to be likely to IPO.

ARM was acquired by SoftBank in 2016 for $31 billion. It is expected to be $60 billion in an IPO in 2023. In about 7 years, the company has doubled in wins and grown at an annual rate of 10%.

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