🟦 Intel postpones operation of new plant in Ohio?

Intel's Ohio semiconductor plant faces potential postponement

🟦 Intel postpones operation of new plant in Ohio?

 The operation of Intel’s Ohio semiconductor plant may be postponed. Production is expected to start in the second half of 2026 or later, as planned for 2025. Intel also has factories in Oregon and Arizona in the United States. The Ohio plant will be the first new plant in about 40 years with a subsidy from the U.S. government.

🟦 Due to delays in the issuance of subsidies and deterioration in market conditions

 Intel has decided to delay the start of operations due to delays in the payment of subsidies and deteriorating market conditions. Similarly, the operation of TSMC’s semiconductor factory in Arizona has also been delayed. The second plant, which is scheduled to be built, is expected to be operational after 2027, later than previously planned. While refraining from commenting on the schedule, Intel said, “While we will not meet our aggressive production targets for 2025 that we anticipated when we first announced our choice for Ohio in January 2022, construction has been underway since groundbreaking at the end of 2022 and we have not changed the pace of construction recently.”


Intel’s semiconductor plant in Ohio faces a possible postponement of operations. Due to delays in subsidies and deteriorating market conditions, attention has been focused on the progress of the project.

 It is a large-scale project supported by the U.S. government. However, it is struggling to secure workers, which is why it may be postponed.

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