🟦 Global Fabless Semiconductor Ranking @ 3Q 2023

Top 10 Fabless Semiconductor Companies in Q3 2023 Saw a 17.8% QoQ Revenue Increase

🟦Global Fabless Semiconductor Rankings for Q3 2023: Top Companies Surgeing in Sales

 According to TrendForce, the revenue of the top 10 fabless semiconductor companies in Q3 2023 reached $44.7 billion, up 17.8% quarter-on-quarter. Notably, NVIDIA is driving overall industry growth with a 45.7% increase to $16.512 billion.

 These data show the latest trends and market growth trends in the semiconductor industry. In particular, it is noteworthy that Nvidia is accelerating the growth of the industry as a whole.

🟦 Reasons for the growth of demand in the fabless semiconductor market

 This growth can be attributed to strong smartphone and laptop inventories, as well as an increase in generative AI and LLMs. In addition, due to the impact of the AI boom, some companies, such as NVIDIA, have seen particularly notable growth.

Trends of individual companies

  • 1st place:NVIDIA
    • High Demand for Generative AI and LLMs is a Major Growth Factor
    • Driving the growth of the industry as a whole
  • 2nd place: Qualcomm
    • Newly released flagship application processor “Snapdragon 8 Gen 3” is doing well
    • Maintain position in the smartphone market
  • 3rd place: Broadcom
    • AI server-related products such as AI semiconductors, high-end switches, and network interface cards will grow.
  • 4th place: AMD
    • Strong sales of 4th Gen EPYC server CPUs and notebook PC products
  • No. 5: MediaTek
    • APs for smartphones, Wi-Fi 6, and PMICs for mobile/notebook are the growth drivers
  • No. 5: Marvell
    • Generative AI-related products and data center business are growing
  • 9th place: Will Semiconductor
    • Increasing Demand for Android Smartphones is a Major Growth Factor
  • No. 10: Cirrus Logic
    • Increased demand in the smartphone market overtook MPS to rank in the top 10


 The top 10 fabless semiconductor companies in Q3 2023 increased their sales by 17.8% quarter-on-quarter, bringing new vitality to the market. At the heart of this growth is NVIDIA’s 45.7% increase in sales and the success of Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

 For years, Qualcomm was synonymous with fabless semiconductor companies, but NVIDIA has now taken over that position

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