🟦 Automotive Panel Driver IC Market @2023

TDDI shipments expected to increase by 54 % year-on-year to reach 3800 million units in 2023

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🟦 Automotive panel driver IC market

Trendforce predicts that the demand for automotive panels is increasing. In 2023, the shipment volume of automotive panels is expected to reach 5 million pieces, up 1.2% year-on-year. With the growth of automotive panels, the demand for automotive panel driver ICs is also increasing. The adoption of touch and display drivers (TDDI) in particular is increasing. Most new models of automakers adopt the TDDI architecture.

  • TDDI shipment volume
    • 2023 3800 million units (54% increase)

🟦Benefits of adopting TDDI

TDDI is an IC that integrates touch and drive functions. The use of TDDI reduces the amount of IC used. This also simplifies supply chain management for automakers and suppliers.

  • Major Automotive TDDI Companies
    • Himax
    • Synaptics
    • FocalTech


TDDI Shipments Expected to Reach 2023 Million Units in 54 by 3800% YoY

The automotive product market demands high reliability and safety. It complies with AEC-Q100 and ISO 26262 and requires long-term verification, but has the advantages.

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