🟦 Analog Devices Major Investments

Analog Devices Announces More Than $10 Billion Investment in Beaverton, Oregon Plant

🟦 Major investment in Analog Devices’ U.S. plant

Analog Devices (ADI) will invest more than $10 billion to expand its semiconductor wafer plant in Oregon. The expansion of cleanrooms will double the production of products below the 1500nm process. This is expected to create new long-term employment opportunities and significantly increase the number of employees at ADI in Oregon.

The expansion is aimed at increasing production capacity for key industries and enhancing manufacturing in the United States. More than 10% of the total investment is for state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment aimed at increasing overall efficiency and utilizing more environmentally friendly chemicals. Despite nearly doubling production, the facility has set targets of reducing absolute greenhouse gas emissions by about 75% and water consumption per unit of production by about 50%.

🟦 Planned increase in capital expenditure

ADI has raised its capital expenditure from around 4% of its previous year to a high-single-digit percentage to date in fiscal 2022 and fiscal 2023.

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    • Oregon, USA
    • Washington State, USA
    • Massachusetts, USA
    • Ireland
    • Thailand
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Analog Devices announces more than $10 billion investment in Beaverton, Oregon plant as plan to increase capital expenditures

It seems that investment in semiconductor manufacturing in the United States is progressing due to the effect of subsidies. I think we won’t see results in about two years.

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