🟦 Accelerating Intel’s Cutting-edge Development

Investment in foundry business brings forward the development of manufacturing technology

🟦 Intel accelerates development of cutting-edge manufacturing technologies

Intel is well on its strategy to return to the top of advanced process manufacturing by 2025. Intel invests in advanced technologies such as High-NA EUV, RibbonFET, Power Via, and 3D lamination technologies. We believe that there is no end to innovation in technological development, and there is no end to Moore’s Law. In the next 10 years, we have a goal of providing 1 trillion transistors on 2 chips. Five generations of processes appear one after another within four years, emphasizing that the development of manufacturing technology is accelerating.

Intel7 12th Gen ICore™ processor mass
production Intel4 +20% improvement Second half of 2022 EUV minimum
Intel3 +18% improvement Late
2023 Intel20A +15% improvement First half
of 2024 RibbonFET, PowerVia adoption
Intel18A +10% improvement in the second half of 2024

The introduction of these process rules is ahead of schedule. Intel 18A was supposed to be after 2025, but it was changed to the second half of 2024. Development has been going well and the wafers of Intel18A’s SRAM chip have been unveiled at an investor event.


🟦 Leveraged by Intel Foundry Services

The acceleration of manufacturing technology development is due to the launch of Intel’s IFS (Intel Foundry Service). The IDM 2.0 strategy will increase the convenience for IFS customers, and as IFS gets better, the manufacturing technology we use will also improve. Since starting IFS, it has become possible to improve cash flow and compensate for IDM’s weaknesses, such as through payments from foundry customers. In addition, with regard to IFS, the acquisition of Israel’s founder, Tower Semiconductor, will enable us to acquire semiconductor manufacturing facilities and know-how around the world and provide them as foundry services.

Process Provided by Foundry Services Intel16: Legacy 22nmFinFET
Intel3: Late 2023

Intel18A: Late 2024


Intel7, Intel4, and Intel20A are exclusive processes within Intel.


Intel’s investment in foundry business brings forward advanced process development

Foundry services make it easier to recoup advanced processes that require significant development costs.

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