Global semiconductor subsidy scale

🟩 u.s. Â¥5.7 trillion

President Biden approves CHIPS
bill, including $52 billion in semiconductor industry investment

$52 billion in five years to significantly strengthen semiconductor production and research in japan

intel’s movethe company announced that it will invest usd 20 billion to build a new semiconductor plant in western arizona. the company will build two new plants in chandler, arizona, where the plant is located. the existing plant produces products with a circuit line width of 10 nanometers (nano is one-billionth of a meter), but the new plant is expected to adopt a manufacturing process of 7 nano or more.

TSMC MOVEMENTseveral sources said they are considering investing hundreds of billions of dollars in additional semiconductor plants in arizona, but the 5nm-wide plant is currently being considered to make the plant a more accurate 3nm technology.

the plant, which will invest $12 billion in phoenix, arizona, to start building a manufacturing facility in
2024, is also looking to be invested in additional production.

Samsung Movement
a total of four locations are candidates for the $17 billion new semiconductor plant: austin, texas, new york and arizona.

Not only Samsung but ALSO SK Hynix has revealed plans to build an
R&D center in Silicon Valley for $1 billion

🟩 china 10 trillion yen

large-scale investment
local governments with a total of more than 5 trillion yen for semiconductor-related technologies, a total of more than 5 trillion yen for the semiconductor industry

in 2020, investment in semiconductor 113 companies will increase by 14%
year-on-year to cny 10.6 billion, 12 times higher than 10 years ago.

TSMC MOVEMENTthe company said it will invest usd 2,887 billion in china to increase production of semiconductors for vehicles. the company will install a new line at its existing plant in nanjing city and establish a mass production system in 2023.

invest in a factory with a 28nm process instead of state-of-the-art


Chuko International Centralized Electric Route Manufacturing (SMIC) will invest CNY 2.25 billion (APPROXIMATELY JPY 245 billion) from
several government funds to build a new plant in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province.

🟩 europe 17.5 trillion yen

€134.5 billion investment in digital migration

invest more than 134.5 billion € (approximately 17.5 trillion yen) in digital investments, including semiconductors

intel’s moveGersinger, chief executive of Intel, a major U.S. semiconductor company, is seeking an 8 billion euro grant to build a new semiconductor plant in Europe.

Intel’s CEO is working with both the U.S. and European governments to
disperse their semiconductor manufacturing sites in East Asia.

🟩 on the contrary, what about japan?

Post-5G Fund 200 billion yen, supply chain subsidy is about 200 billion yen

🟩 summary

the semiconductor industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 7 to 8 percent, which is said
to grow to $1 trillion by 2030 at $500 billion a year.

The average ROA (return on assets) of semiconductor companies is just over 10%, and it should not be
bad as an investment, and I would like to ask Japan to actively invest.


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