Toyota’s semiconductor shortage

Toyota suspends plant operations due to semiconductor shortage 

🟩 Is there a shortage of semiconductors until Toyota?

While many automakers are cutting production due to a shortage of semiconductors,

Toyota should have secured production from major customers to maintain production

🟩 Renesas Electronics Fire

Fire breaks out at Renesas Naka Plant, which manufactures in-vehicle microcomputers, in March

Production has resumed, but shipments will not return to the level before the fire until July.

It may have affected the suspension of production this time.

🟩 Automotive and semiconductors

Recent automobiles use a lot of semiconductors due to high-tech technology.

“Only a few percent of the production volume of semiconductor manufacturers is allocated to the automobile industry”

In this way, the impact on the semiconductor industry as a whole is not
significant (so it seems that the priority of supply to automobiles is lower).


Even Toyota is suffering from a semiconductor shortage.

Let’s think positively that the demand was higher than expected!

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