🟦 The first of its kind in the Intel company! Reinventing EV control on a single chip

Announcement of the OLEA U310 EV powertrain control chip

Introducing OLEA U310 – Silicon MobilitySilicon Mobility introduces OLEA U310, a single chip solutionwww.silicon-mobility.com

🟦 Intel’s Silicon Mobility is the industry’s first! Reinventing EV control on a single chip

Silicon Mobility, Inc., an automotive semiconductor and software control solutions company owned by Intel, has announced the OLEA U310 chip for powertrain control of electric vehicles (EVs). By integrating the functions of a conventional microcontroller on a single chip, the following performance improvements are achieved:


🟦X-in-1 Powertrain

The introduction of the OLEA U310 enables automakers to design highly integrated X-in-1 powertrains. The introduction of the OLEA U310 is expected to lead to the development of more performant and efficient EVs and the reduction of EV manufacturing costs.

An X-in-1 powertrain is a module that integrates the key components of an electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid vehicle (HV) powertrain system. In traditional powertrain systems, controllers are installed separately in components such as inverters, motors, gearboxes, DC-DC converters, and on-board chargers.


Silicon Mobility, an Intel company, has introduced chips for powertrain control of electric vehicles (EVs). It combines the functions of six traditional microcontrollers on a single chip for real-time control, improved safety, and cost savings.

Although it is under the umbrella of Intel, it is characterized by specializing in the area of microcontrollers, not CPUs.

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