🟩AMD CPUs Deployed in Meta’s (formerly Facebook) Data Center

AMD Accelerated Data Center Event

🟩AMD CPUs Announced to Have Been Adopted in Meta’s Data Center

Lisa Hsu, CEO of AMD, announced that EPYC, a data center CPU, has been adopted for Meta’s data centers. Meta, which Facebook has changed its name, is accelerating its investment in data centers for the online virtual space “Metaverse”.

AMD also announced that AMD’s EPYC has been adopted by the world’s 10 hyperscalers, the companies that operate cloud data centers.

hyperscalers Amazon / Meta / Google / IBM
ORACLE / Microsoft / Twitter
Alibaba / Baidu / Tencent

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🟩AMD’s Conflict with Intel

In the field of data center CPUs, Intel has been boasting an overwhelming share of the market for many years. AMD is aiming to replace older 14nm data center CPUs with its third-generation EPYC chip, which it launched in 2021. The third-generation EPYC uses TSMC’s 7nm process in Milan. Intel, on the other hand, is competing with Milan with the Xeon series of IceLake-SP using its own 10nm process. AMD’s Milan has a reputation for surpassing Intel in performance/price, and AMD’s server business is doing well.

Announcement of next-generation 5nm process products

In addition, AMD has announced a roadmap for the fourth-generation EPYC, which will use the TSMC5nm process. The fourth-generation EPYC supports DDR5 memory and PCI Express 5.0, with Genoa and Bergamo with up to 96 cores per socket, and Bergamo with 128 cores. It performs 1.25 times higher than the third-generation 7nm process, providing twice the density and power efficiency. Genoa will be on the market in 2022 and Bergamo in 2023.

Intel’s next-generation Xeon

Intel will release “XEON” Sapphire Rapids, which will be manufactured on the Intel7 (nm) process in early 2022. Sapphire Rapids has an edge over AMD products. But depending on AMD’s 5nm Genoa ratings, which will also be released in 2022, it could affect sales of Sapphire Rapids.

for Server AMD Intel 2021 7nm Milan 10nm IceLake-SP 2022 5nm Genoa Intel7 Sapphire Rapids

2023 5nm Bergamo


Due to its reputation over rival Intel, AMD’s CPUs were adopted for Meta’s data center

Having healthy competition between AMD and Intel is good for hyperscalers. It’s sad that there aren’t Japan companies in the so-called hyperscalers.

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