🟦TSMC chairman to step down in 2024

Mark Liu, chairman of TSMC, which leads the global semiconductor market, announced his retirement after the 2024 general meeting of shareholders, and current CEO CC Wei has been appointed as the next chairman
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🟦TSMC Chairman Mark Liu to step down in 2024

 The announcement states that Mark Liu, the current chairman of TSMC, a major Taiwanese semiconductor company, will resign following the 2024 shareholder meeting. Mr. CC Wei, who currently serves as CEO, has been recommended as his successor. Under Liu’s leadership, TSMC expanded globally in response to changes in the international semiconductor market.

 This expansion included investments in Arizona, Kumamoto in Japan, and Dresden in Germany. Moreover, during the worldwide semiconductor shortage, Liu guided TSMC in establishing more factories in various countries and strategically responding to U.S. semiconductor export controls.

🟦 Mr. Liu retires, Mr. Wei becomes the new chairman of TSMC

 Since joining the company in 1993, Mark Liu has been instrumental in guiding TSMC’s growth and international expansion. He plans to leverage his extensive experience in the semiconductor industry in other ventures while prioritizing more family time. CC Wei, with his experience and proven track record as the current CEO, is regarded as a fitting successor to lead TSMC into the future.


 Mark Liu, Chairman of TSMC and a prominent figure in the global semiconductor market, has announced his retirement following the 2024 general shareholders’ meeting. CC Wei, the current CEO, has been confirmed as his successor. The industry is keenly anticipating the impact of TSMC’s new leadership under Wei’s guidance.

 Amidst the US-China trade tensions in the semiconductor industry, TSMC is expected to maintain its pro-US stance, considering the significance of the American market and the prevailing global circumstances.

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