🟦 Socionext partners with India

Development of India's first domestically produced HPC processor AUM
Socionext Europe • C-DAC partners with MosChip and Socionext for design of HPC Processor AUM based on Arm architecture
Langen/Germany, 03. July, 2024 --- C-DAC Partners with MosChip® Technologies, and Socionext Inc. for the design and deve...

🟦 Socionext partners with C-DAC and MosChip

Socionext has partnered with India’s Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) and MosChip Technologies to design and develop a domestically produced HPC processor SoC “AUM” based on the Arm Neoverse™ V2 CPU platform. The AUM will be manufactured on the TSMC 5nm process and will aim to fully localize supercomputing technology in India.

🟦 India to develop a domestic supercomputer

The project is being implemented as part of the National Supercomputing Mission (NSM) of the Government of India. The project is expected to contribute to increasing India’s supercomputing power, promoting research and development, and growing the Indian semiconductor industry. NSM aims to develop India into a global leader in the field of supercomputing. The development of AUM is expected to be completed sometime in 2024. AUM is expected to be widely used in research institutes, universities, and private companies in India.

Socionext plays the following roles in the design and development of AUM.

  • High-performance Arm Neoverse™ V2 CPU platform available
  • Leverage advanced packaging technologies
  • Unique differentiation and competitive advantage


Socionext will contribute to the development of supercomputing technology in India by partnering with C-DAC and MosChip to develop India’s first domestically produced HPC processor, AUM. The development of AUM is expected to lead to the improvement of India’s R&D capacity, economic growth, and the establishment of global leadership.

India has an abundance of semiconductor design engineers, so it can be said that it has sufficient ability to design domestically produced chips.

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