🟦 Shin-Etsu Chemical’s new “back-end” technology

Realized by excimer laser processing!

🟦 Shin-Etsu Chemical’s new “back-end” technology

Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. has developed semiconductor package substrate manufacturing equipment and a new manufacturing method. The device uses an innovative technology that uses a special laser called an excimer laser to form the wiring directly on the substrate in bulk. In conventional semiconductor package substrate manufacturing, the mainstream method is to form wiring on a substrate using an lithography device called the SAP method.

Microfabrication that could not be achieved with conventional construction methods is possible, and an intermediate substrate called an interposer is not required, which shortens the process and reduces costs.

🟦 Advantages of using laser processing

By employing excimer laser processing, many advantages can be realized compared to the conventional SAP method. Compared to the conventional method using an exposure system, it has the following features.

  1. Elimination of the exposure process
    • Eliminates the need for lithography equipment and photosensitive materials, significantly reducing manufacturing costs
    • Reduces environmental impact by eliminating the need for chemicals used in the exposure process
  2. Halving the initial investment
    • It can be introduced at a lower price than lithography equipment.
  3. Realization of microfabrication
    • The use of a laser with a shorter wavelength forms a much finer circuit pattern than conventional
    • Forming circuit patterns with a line width of 2 μm or less, which was difficult with conventional SAP methods
  4. Elimination of the need for an interposer
    • The use of an interposer is eliminated, greatly simplifying the manufacturing process
    • Eliminates the cost of interposers, reducing manufacturing costs
    • Eliminates the need for an interposer, reducing the size of the package substrate
  5. Realization of large-area processing
    • By using a large-area photomask, substrates with a large area of up to 515 mm x 510 mm can be processed at once
  6. High machining accuracy
    • Capable of forming highly accurate circuit patterns


The excimer laser processing equipment and new manufacturing method developed by Shin-Etsu Chemical are technologies that bring innovation to conventional semiconductor package substrate manufacturing methods. This technology makes it possible to realize various advantages such as simplification of the manufacturing process, cost reduction, reduction of environmental impact, realization of microfabrication, elimination of the need for interposers, realization of large-area machining, and high machining accuracy.


Semiconductor back-end processes are a field where technological development is active, such as interposers and substrates.

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