🟦 Resonac Established the Next Generation Semiconductor Package Development Consortium!

Resonac takes the lead in the fight for technological supremacy
シリコンバレーで日米の企業10社による次世代半導体パッケージのコンソーシアム設立 | レゾナック
シリコンバレーで日米の企業10社による次世代半導体パッケージのコンソーシアム設立 | NewsRelease page of Resonac.

🟦 Next-Generation Semiconductor Package Development Consortium Established!

Resonac has established US-JOINT, a consortium of 10 materials and equipment manufacturers in Japan and the United States, in Silicon Valley, USA. The aim is to accelerate the development of next-generation semiconductor packaging technologies. Preparations have been underway since 2024, with the goal of starting operations in 2025.

US-JOINT Participating Companies: Six companies in
Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd., TOWA Co., Ltd., Mec Co., Ltd., NAMICS Co., Ltd., ULVAC Co., Ltd. Four
U.S. companies:
Azimuth Technologies, KLA Corporation, Kulicke and Soffa Industries、Moses Lake Industries

🟦 Development of next-generation semiconductor packages in Silicon Valley

In recent years, semiconductor packaging technology has come to play an important role in the back-end process of semiconductor manufacturing. U.S. companies are also focusing on in-house development to strengthen their competitiveness in the semiconductor market. Japan companies have world-leading technologies and market share in the field of back-end materials, and have become a leader in this field.

By establishing a development and evaluation base in Silicon Valley and preparing the necessary equipment, we aim to speed up information gathering and development. Silicon Valley is a region where the world’s most advanced semiconductor technology is concentrated, and it has the advantage of being easy to acquire human resources and gather information.


The establishment of US-JOINT is an important move to accelerate the race to develop next-generation semiconductor packaging technologies. Japan companies are expected to leverage their strengths in the field of back-end materials to win this competition.

Certainly, Silicon Valley has a strong image as a cutting-edge place in semiconductor development!

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