🟦 Power Semiconductor Market Size@2030

Next-generation power semiconductors will drive the power semiconductor market to reach 5.3587 trillion yen by 2030

🟦 Power Semiconductor Market Size@2030

Fuji Keizai predicted that the power semiconductor market will expand to 5.3587 trillion yen in 2030, compared to 2.3386 trillion yen in 2022. The power semiconductor market is showing a very high growth rate, partly due to increased demand in the information and communication equipment fields such as 5G-related equipment, as well as in the automotive and electrical equipment fields in China and Europe.

  • Power semiconductor market (YoY)
    • 2021 1.9 trillion yen (+20.7%)
    • 2022: 2.3 trillion yen (+11.8%)
    • 5.4 trillion yen in 2030

🟦 Next-generation power semiconductor market is 1 trillion yen

Among power semiconductors, next-generation power semiconductors are expected to grow significantly. Compared to the forecast of 124.9 billion yen in 2022, it will be 969.4 billion yen in 2030. This is a very high growth rate of 12.8 times compared to 2021 and an average annual growth rate of about 1.4 times.

  • Next-generation power semiconductors market forecast
    • 2022: 120.6 billion yen
    • 2030: 969.4 billion yen

SiC (silicon carbide), a next-generation power semiconductor, is increasingly being adopted for the purpose of improving power efficiency. The forecast for 2022 has expanded significantly, partly due to growth in the automotive and electrical equipment sectors due to the spread of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. As SiC prices continue to decrease in the future, it is expected that silicon will be replaced with power semiconductors, and it will be adopted not only in luxury cars but also in a wide range of vehicles.


SiC power semiconductors drive next-generation power semiconductors to reach 1 trillion yen

Currently, SiC power semiconductors have a share of about 5% of the power semiconductor market. It is predicted that it will account for 20% of the total power semiconductor market by 2030.

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