🟦 Onsemi makes a large contract for SiC

Onsemi and BorgWarner Cooperate Agreement with Over $10 Billion

🟦 Onsemi signs a large-scale contract for SiC power semiconductors

Onsemi and automotive component manufacturer BorgWarner have expanded their strategic collaboration on silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor technology, signing a major contract exceeding $10 billion. BorgWarner plans to integrate Onsemi’s EliteSiC 1200V and 750V power devices into its VIPER power modules.

🟦Improving EV performance with SiC power semiconductors

As a next-generation semiconductor, SiC power semiconductors are highly energy-efficient and can withstand high voltages. When used in EV powertrains, it can provide high efficiency, excellent cooling, and rapid charging speeds in a compact package. This extends the EV’s range and improves overall performance.


Onsemi and BorgWarner Collaborate on More than $10 Billion to Develop Innovative Solutions Using SiC Power Semiconductors

As the demand for electric vehicles increases, improving energy efficiency is likely to become increasingly important.

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