🟦 Nvidia accused by French authorities of AI monopoly?

Concerns about competition limitations in the generative AI market
エヌビディア、仏独禁当局が告発へ 反競争行為の疑い=関係筋

🟦 Nvidia accused by French authorities of AI monopoly?

  French competition authorities are expected to accuse US semiconductor giant Nvidia of anti-competitive behavior. The reason for the accusation is believed to be Nvidia’s monopoly share in the generative AI space and unfair competition restrictions. If found to be in violation, Nvidia could face substantial fines.

🟦 Concerns about the impact on competition and technological innovation

Nvidia has an overwhelming share of the semiconductor market for AI, and also provides CUDA software platforms that are widely used in generative AI development. The French authorities have apparently decided that Nvidia’s monopoly position is hindering competition and hindering AI innovation.


It is rumored that Nvidia, which has a monopoly share in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), will be accused of anti-competition by the French competition authorities. There are concerns about unfair restrictions on competition in the generative AI market, and it has been pointed out that fines may be imposed.

I don’t know if this news is true, but it may be said that “the stake that comes out is beaten” is a universal phenomenon.

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