🟦 KIOXIA and Western Digital to merge in semiconductor memory business

KIOXIA and Western Digital finalize plans to merge?
Western Digital, Japan's Kioxia in talks on memory chip merger
Combined company would rival market leader Samsung

🟦 KIOXIA and Western Digital to merge in semiconductor memory business

 Western Digital, a U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturer, has finalized plans to merge its semiconductor memory business with Japan’s KIOXIA. The newly formed company will be registered in the United States and have its headquarters in Japan. It also plans to be listed on both the Nasdaq and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

🟦 Comparable to the reigning champion Samsung

 Both companies aim to enhance their competitiveness and scale. They believe that the merger will allow them to create a flash memory company comparable in size to market leader Samsung. The two firms already operate joint production facilities in the same country, and their combined market share in the NAND sector will be 32%, nearing Samsung’s 34%.

 However, the deal faces several challenges, including obtaining antitrust approvals, gaining access to the Chinese market, and navigating declining memory chip prices. As a result, the business integration may take some time to complete.


 Japanese and U.S. semiconductor manufacturers KIOXIA and Western Digital have finalized a business integration plan to strengthen their competitiveness in the flash memory market.

 In this merger, Western Digital from the United States will hold more than half of the capital. However, the headquarters will be located in Japan, and with the appointment of Nobuo Hayasaka, the current President of KIOXIA, as the new company’s president, the organization will effectively function as a Japanese company.

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