🟦 Intel renamed Oregon plant

Intel changes the name of its Oregon plant to Gordon Moore Park

🟦 Intel renamed Oregon plant

Intel announced the opening of a new US$3 billion expansion of its D1X development and prototype manufacturing facility in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. We also changed our plant in Hillsboro, Oregon from the Ronler Acres campus to Gordon Moore Park.

Gordon Moore

Gordon Moore is a co-founder of Intel along with Robert Noyce. He served as Intel president for four years from 1975 and chairman for eight years from 1979. In 1965, he proposed Moore’s Law, according to which the number of transistors integrated in semiconductors doubles every two years. Now 93 years old, he lives in Hawaii with his wife Betty, who is 72 years old.

🟦Returning to the cutting edge by 2025

The name change to Gordon Moore Park is part of the company’s efforts to regain leadership in semiconductor process technology. The Oregon plant has developed high-k metal gate technology, tri-gate 3D transistors, and technologies that lead Moore’s Law, such as distortion silicon. Through 2025, Intel is accelerating development investments to return to being a leader in cutting-edge semiconductor processes. Gordon Moore Park is expected to develop new technologies such as RibbonFET and PowerVia that are critical to the next-generation Intel 18A process.


Intel renames its Oregon plant to Gordon Moore Park to return to a leader in cutting-edge semiconductor processes by 2025

Gordon Moore was reluctant to use his name in Moore’s Law.

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