🟦 Intel Establishes Joint Venture with U.S. Investment Fund

At Apollo and the Irish Semiconductor Factory
Intel and Apollo Agree to Joint Venture Related to Intel’s Fab 34 in...
Transaction related to Irish factory continues Intel’s Smart Capital strategy to support flexible and capital-efficient ...

🟦 Intel and Apollo Establish Joint Venture at Irish Semiconductor Factory

Intel has announced that it will form a new company with US investment fund Apollo Global Management and a semiconductor factory in Ireland. Apollo invested $11 billion to acquire a 49% stake in the new company. Intel will retain a 51% stake in the $18.4 billion invested existing plant.

The new company will operate Intel’s Fab 34 factory in Leakelip, Ireland. Fab 34 is a manufacturing plant employing state-of-the-art Intel 4 and Intel 3 process technology.

🟦 Focusing on expanding production capacity and developing advanced semiconductors

As Intel is under pressure to expand its production capacity amid the global semiconductor shortage, the investment from Apollo is good news. By being able to raise relatively inexpensive financing from private investors, Intel will be able to focus on expanding production of advanced semiconductors and focusing on R&D and acquisitions.

The funding is based on Intel’s SCIP funding program, announced in August 2022 to invest in Intel’s factories. The SCIP program combines investment from private investors with Intel’s own funds to enable efficient investments in factory construction.

Initial SCIP

  • Investment: USD 30 billion
  • Partner: Brookfield Asset Management
  • Target plant: Phoenix, Arizona, USA


  • Investment: USD 11 billion
  • Partner: Apollo Global Management
  • Factory: Irish Leak Slip Fab 34


Intel and U.S. investment fund Apollo Global Management have announced the formation of an $11 billion joint venture at a semiconductor factory in Ireland. The joint venture will operate the Fab 34 factory and will produce semiconductors using state-of-the-art Intel 4 and Intel 3 process technologies.

The establishment and investment of this joint venture can be seen as a means of raising funds for aggressive business expansion for the future, rather than the sale of existing assets due to financial impasses.

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