🟦 Intel Acquires Silicon Mobility

Intel Acquires Silicon Mobility

Intel Drives ‘AI Everywhere’ into Automotive Market at CES :: Intel Corporation (INTC)

🟦 Intel Acquires Silicon Mobility

Intel announced the acquisition of Silicon Mobility in CES2024. Silicon Mobility is a French company that develops SoCs specifically for EV power management. We use power-specific accelerators and advanced software algorithms to improve the energy efficiency of EV vehicles.

🟦 Expanding from automotive AI to EV technology

With this acquisition, Intel will expand its automotive technology from high-performance computing in Mobileye to power management in EVs. This strategy aims to strengthen automotive chip technology in anticipation of the widespread adoption of EVs. Eventually, the plan is to utilize chiplets and allow automakers to integrate custom chips.


Intel Acquires Silicon Mobility to Develop Strategy to Drive Advances in Automotive AI and EV Power Management Technologies

Autonomous driving and EV power management are new technologies and areas that are not dominated by established automotive chipmakers. It’s a good strategy for a company like Intel to enter automotive technology through acquisitions.

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