🟦 Proprietary for Google Data CentersCPU “Axion” announced!

Up to 30% performance improvement and up to 50% power saving compared to the previous model


🟦 Google announces its own CPU “Axion” for data centers!

Google has announced its own CPU “Axion
” for data centers. 
Compared to existing general-purpose CPUs, it is up to 30% more powerful and up to 50% more energy efficient. It can improve the performance of various workloads such as web servers, databases, AI training, etc. It will be available to Google Cloud customers sometime in 2024. We plan to deploy services such as BigTable, Spanner, and BigQuery on Axion.

🟦 Reduce costs and meet sustainability goals

In response to the slowdown in the speed of performance improvement of general-purpose CPUs, Google embarked on the development of its own CPU from 2015. Behind the scenes, there are two challenges: reducing data center costs and meeting sustainability goals. It goes without saying that an energy-efficient CPU is essential, and the Arm-based CPUs used here demonstrate an advantage over previous Intel x86-based CPUs in this regard. Axion is powered by Arm’s latest CPU, Neoverse™ V2, for improved performance and energy efficiency.


Google has announced its own CPU “Axion” for data centers. As the speed of performance improvement of general-purpose CPUs slows down, it achieves performance improvements of up to 30% and power savings of up to 50%, greatly contributing to the efficiency of data centers.

In recent years, GPUs for AI workloads in data centers have been attracting attention. However, the processing load on web servers and databases is also increasing, and low-power CPUs still play an important role.

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