Did Infineon predict a semiconductor shortage?


🟩 infineon addresses semiconductor shortages

Infineon, the world’s no. 1 share of power semiconductors, has started operations at its new plant for power semiconductors in Villach, Austria. The large diameter of wafers for power semiconductors is an industry trend, and the new plant has become a line of 300mm wafers. Infineon has already been manufacturing 300mm wafers at its plant in Dresden, Germany since 2011.

as we predicted that the shortage of semiconductors would become more serious, we increased the production capacity of power semiconductors.

🟩 we didn’t anticipate a shortage of semiconductors.

infineon has not invested in its plants, predicting a semiconductor shortage since last year. this is because it was in 2018 three years ago that we decided to expand the new plant. due to the impact of the semiconductor shortage, the operation started at the beginning of august 2021 three months earlier than planned, but it seems that the semiconductor shortage was not predicted for three years.

ahead of the importance of power semiconductors

Infineon supplies power semiconductors to TESLA, an EV manufacturer. In 2018, when we decided to invest in a new plant, the Model3, tesla’s popular model, was released. It seems that they predicted the spread of EVs and predicted the rise in the importance of power semiconductors.

🟩 summary

infineon did not anticipate a shortage of semiconductors, but in anticipation of demand for power semiconductors, infineon operated its semiconductor plant.

it was a great management decision to operate the new plant as if we were responding to the semiconductor shortage. infineon will be at the top of power semiconductors for some time. i would like japanese power semiconductor companies to actively take risks and invest.